Visual Social Media – It’s a Game-Changer

In a world of convenience, visual updates are king. I recently read an article titled The Shift to Visual Social Media, which focuses on how visual social media is taking over the market and why smart brands are jumping on the wagon. The author walks us through the timeline of how blog posts became Facebook updates, which shrunk to Tweets and have now turned into Instagram or Pinterest posts.

This visual trend is, in part, due to users engaging with social media via their smartphones. Just like tweets were more convenient than updating a blog post, photos are now becoming less tedious than typing a status update.

Some companies have names that paint the picture, like my favorite hosting company, Greengeeks (read an awesome review about them here).

According to a study, 44% of respondents are more likely to engage with brands if they post pictures than any other media. Updates to the platforms have also been made to make them more succinct with the visual movement (i.e., Facebook Timeline) and the high successful new kids on the block (Instagram and Pinterest) are proving that the visual movement is here to stay.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also evolving with this movement. Search engines no longer just rank websites alone. They now rank content based on social conversations and sharing.

So, what does this mean for your brand? It means adaptation is the key ingredient to your social media success. Smart brands that learn to navigate the visual social media movement will be prosperous in the social realm.

The Art of Logos

Let me first introduce myself, being that this is my first blog entry on the Icon Resource.

My name is Hally and I am a graphic designer. On top of being a graphic designer, I have a great passion for the world of design and love bettering myself on research, trial and most definitely error, and through communication.

There, now that that’s out of the way – let’s talk a little about logos.  I recently got the opportunity to redesign one of our client’s logo.

There is a lot of thought that goes into redesigning a logo, after all a company’s logo is the face of their brand.

Before I even begin to sit at my computer and make my ideas a reality, I like to sit down with the client. Sometimes its hard for us to understand exactly what it is a client does just by digging around online.  By meeting face-to-face with your client you can get something far more than the surface facts about their business, you can gather their emotions in regards to their business.

A couple of key questions to ask your client before you start the design process:

  1. What impression do you want people to get from your logo (a.k.a. what do you want them to remember about you)
  2. Is your business traditional, modern, reinventing the wheel or unique?
  3. Make sure to ask them about their personal style preferences too.  This may include their favorite colors and what style of fonts they are drawn too – I find it usually works best to bring along some samples to give them a visual.

Designing a logo isn’t to be rushed. A logo truly does capture the meaning behind the entire brand – so put some time into it and really think about whose eyes it is you are trying to catch.